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0% Fee: BTC →WGR Swap!

0% Fee: BTC →WGR Swap!

Get WGR instantly — No fee

Wagerr, in partnership with InstaSwap, is pleased to announce the elimination of fees for users swapping bitcoin to WGR.

Now users can go from BTC to using the Wagerr betting blockchain instantly and with no commission.

"InstaSwap has been a wonderful partner. They really get what makes Wagerr so valuable," said Wagerr Founder David Mah. "Eliminating fees is a great example: by understanding what users need to get started, this initiative enhances the value of the Wagerr ecosystem."

Now it's easier than ever to discover Wagerr and start playing.

InstaSwap on Wagerr mobile

No fees is great. What's even better is the convenience of converting your BTC to WGR directly in the Wagerr mobile app.


InstaSwap commissions will be waived for all orders over $100. This offer currently does not include fiat transactions.

About Wagerr

Wagerr is a decentralized sportsbook where users can bet on sports anonymously from anywhere in the world with the best odds. Wagerr has been in operation since 2017 and continues to set the standard in the industry with unmatched transparency, complete privacy, and unrivaled reliability.

About InstaSwap

InstaSwap is a cross-chain, next generation exchange platform that aims to change the way people exchange their coins/tokens.

Wagerr prepares next release

Stay tuned for major Wagerr updates. The devs are putting finishing touches on a new release that will knock your socks off.