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Q1 2019 Roadmap Sneak Peek

Q1 2019 Roadmap Sneak Peek

Keep alert for major updates about the Wagerr Network in the coming months! The whole team has been working hard behind the scenes on multiple additions and improvements to the Wagerr Ecosystem. These include blockchain feature updates, a new website, international partnerships with major players in the Sports Betting Industry, and much more!

Let's kick things off with the first targets scheduled for 2019.

Electron App replaces clunky Qt

The resulting Electron App will expand functionality and dramatically improve the user experience. In time, it will replace the Qt wallet.

Electron inside

The developers of the ELectron App are using powerful technologies designed for building cross-platform apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This framework includes a standard set of extensible libraries that communicate directly with the updated Wagerr Core running in the background. This is not a mere web-app that communicates with some centralized database. The Electron App is a user-freindly interface for the decentrzalized Wagerr Core.

Foundation to build on

As Wagerr graduates beyond the Qt, Electron combines enterprise-level power with the flexibility needed to improve services, expand functionality, and achvieve the aesthetics users expect of a modern desktop interface. More than just a wallet, the Electron App features remarkable extensibility, freeing developers to custom design an interface that is purpose-built for sports bettors.

Advanced Wagerr features

Beautiful and user-friendly, the Electron wallet enhances the betting experience while handling all the basics like coin management and masternode control with ease. Users will be able to adjust preferences, including localized event times and customized odds display format.

Expanded betting categories

By standardizing blockchain betting protocols, Wagerr introduces an array of betting options for future sports markets and lays the groundwork for decentralized event posting and results:

  • Money line
  • Spread
  • Over/under

Future-proofing WGR by increasing scalability

New protocols will offload data-intensive demands to a second layer network, ensuring consistent high-speed performance throughout the betting cycle. From event creation to betting to resulting and payouts, WGR is being engineered to handle massive event and betting volume. ** Bring it!**

Dynamic Odds Balancing

For Direct Chain betting, the Wagerr network will limit its liability through a self-regulating protocol that will encourage betting on the other side when the book becomes unbalanced. Dynamic Odds Balancing protocol minimizes network payout liability and attracts traditional sports books to arbitrage their own imbalances by offloading liability to the Wagerr network.

Games on the Wagerr blockchain

From the start, WGR was built for sports betting. But the experience facilitated by the technology is just too good to stop there. Wagerr will be adding more ways to play, directly on the blockchain, starting with a provably-fair weekly raffle.

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy-in with WGR.
  • The blockchain picks one winner by a provably fair selection process.
  • The winner gets half the pot!
  • Of the remaining 50%, 48% gets burned and 2% is distributed to Oracle Masternodes (OMN).

It’s fun. It’s deflationary. It’s on-chain. And it’s another great reason to run an Oracle Masternode.

Just getting started

Wagerr's not stopping there. Beyond continual betting, payment protocol, and wallet refinements, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2019. Noteworthy innovations in betting and resulting are on the horizon, with new betting formats, decentralized Oracles and more on-chain games. Wagerr will also be expanding into new markets through strategic partnerships and broader marketing.

Wagerr enthusiasts will find new ways to win.