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How to Buy WGR using InstaSwap

How to Buy WGR using InstaSwap

InstaSwap is the quick and easy exchange for getting the cryptocurrency you want without even having to sign up for an account.

This service requires little information, so you can swap crypto-for-crypto privately.

InstaSwap also makes it easy to buy cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card.

A note on Safety

Before diving into how to purchase WGR it is important to understand some basic security with regard to holding your WGR coins. Cryptocurrencies allow you to hold your funds exclusively, ensuring you are always in control of your funds. This powerful ability to control your assets also means you are responsible for ensuring its security. Read how to store your coins safely here.

If you have any questions, please join the main Wagerr channel on telegram and the community will be glad to help.

Buying through InstaSwap

InstaSwap is an Exchange Platform that allows users to exchange between currencies directly at a market price within a short period. InstaSwap enables crypto-to-crypto purchases as well as fiat-crypto. If you have any issues throughout the swap process contact the InstaSwap team by submitting a support ticket or reading their FAQ.

How to buy WGR with Crypto
  1. Visit https://instaswap.io/

  2. Select the currency you wish to swap for WGR and then the amount you want to spend. InstaSwap will calculate the amount of WGR you will receive. Then click “Swap Now”.

  1. Paste your Wagerr address. This can be found by clicking on the “Receive” button on any Wagerr desktop or mobile app. If you are paying with BTC, paste a BTC receiving address that you control. That's where InstaSwap will send the refund in case there's a problem with the transaction. Provide your email address if you wish as information about the swap will be emailed to you, then click “Start Swap.”

  1. You will then need to send the required amount to the address provided by InstaSwap. Be sure to double check that you have entered the amount exactly and copied the address correctly. The terms of the swap offer will remain valid for one hour.

To ensure a successful and timely swap, you should always send BTC from a wallet you control, with a priority level network fee so as to avoid any issues that may require a refund.

Wait for the WGR you purchased to show up in your Wagerr wallet. Note it can take 30 minutes or longer for the the swap to complete, depending on Bitcoin network conditions at the time and the transaction fee you used.

InstaSwap support is always available if you need it! Simply note the InstaSwap transaction ID, as it is required for tracking and support enquiries.

How to buy WGR with a debit/credit card

  1. Visit https://instaswap.io/

  2. On the transfer widget select “Buy Crypto with CC.”

  1. Select your preferred currency and the amount you wish to purchase. InstaSwap will calculate the amount of WGR. Input your Wagerr address and click “Continue.”
    Note: There is a minimum amount for Fiat-Crypto purchases which is displayed in this example.

  1. Input your address details & click “Continue.”

  1. Input your card details and click “Continue.”

  1. Confirm the purchase by clicking “Buy now.”

You will receive confirmation emails as the process takes place. Once completed the coins you purchased will be transferred to your wallet.