Celebrating Parlays

Nearly 5 million WGR have been bet on parlays on the Wagerr platform! Parlays, multi-leg bets, or "multis" are popular because they're fun, challenging, and potentially much more rewarding than single-leg bets. Place up to 5 "legs" or "folds" on Wagerr. Bet as much as 5000 WGR on parlays using your choice of the Wagerr Electron betting app or Wagerr.com sportsbook.

10% boost

This weekend, Wagerr is giving an additional 10% reward boost when winners hit all legs of a 5-leg bet. All legs of the parlay must be MMA events scheduled and completed on Saturday, June 12th. If any event outcome is not decisive (push or draw), the bet will not be treated as a 5-leg parlay for the purposes of this promotion, and will not be eligible for the bonus.

Accelerating the burn

In addition to being popular because they're fun and can have big payouts, parlays are also important drivers of Wagerr's deflationary tokenomics. Nearly 1 million WGR have been burned on parlays alone. The burn rate has been 18%, making parlays a significant contributor to the scarcity of the WGR coin supply.

3 Big Fights

This weekend is packed with action.

Diaz vs. Edwards

Watch notorious shit-talker, Nate Diaz who beat Connor McGregor, hector Leon Edwards.

Moreno vs. Figueiredo

Don't miss Brandon Moreno vs. Deiveson Figueiredo in this rematch of their epic fight.

Vettori vs. Adesanya

There's bad blood between Marvin Vettori vs. Israel Adesanya. #JustBleed

Congratulations, winners!

Way to go on those 5-leg MMA parlays. For transparency, here are the txids for the bonus payouts: