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Share your Wagerr

Share Wagerr odds for your favorite sports on Twitter. Earn unlimited affiliate awards every time your new referrals win.

Share your Wagerr

Share your favorite games and matches by posting Wagerr odds on Twitter.

The "Share Event" feature is a great marketing tool for promoting engagement with other users.

Easy to use

All it takes is a click on the "Share Event" button in the Sportsbook. If you're already signed in to your Twitter account, clicking automatically composes a tweet with event details, hashtags, and a special link. You can customize the message and hashtags. Just don't change the url.

Where the magic happens

The long url may not look pretty in your draft, but as soon as you hit "Tweet," the link automatically embeds an attractive event image right into your tweet. Here's what it looks like live:

Share and Earn

As the affiliate program is implemented, Share Event will become a powerful tool for affiliates to earn WGR.

Earn unlimited WGR for life

If you're logged into your Wagerr account when you click the "Share Event" button, the link will contain a referral code that gives you credit for every new account that signs up with your link.

When a new Wagerr user clicks on the link or retweets your message, you'll earn passive WGR and a portion of every bet they win. For life. The sky's the limit.

The benefits for affiliates are huge. By targeting new bettors worldwide with custom hashtags, you'll help Wagerr reach untapped markets — and you'll earn as Wagerr grows.

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