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True Crypto Utility

Wagerr Sportsbook is one of the most heavily used blockchain applications in the entire crypto space. Check the stats. We expect the entire coin supply to be bet 6 times over by year’s end as action accelerates.

True Crypto Utility

By the end of 2021, Wagerr had processed its first billion WGR in bets. That means users bet the entire coin supply 4 times over in the first 5 years. Currently Wagerr is on track to hit the next billion in just 2 years, or maybe much sooner! Betting action is accelerating, making Wagerr Sportsbook one of the most heavily used blockchains in the entire crypto space.

By December 2021, users had bet the entire coin supply 4 times over. As of September 2022, bettors have looped through the coin supply 5x and are on track for 6x by the end of the year. And we wouldn’t be shocked by a 7x turnover.

Bottom line

A lot of cryptocurrencies claim to provide "utility." Wagerr delivers. In fact, Wagerr is one of the most heaviliy utilized cryptos in the entire blockchain space.



NFL and college football are heating up. Prop bets are now available on Monday Night Football. And check out the action on the Falcons v. Seahawks game this Sunday with over 5 million WGR at stake already on a single event.

More events driving this trend:

🏀 NBA opens Oct. 18
🩸 O’Malley  🥊  Yan Oct. 20  
⚽ World Cup opens Nov. 20

More stats

Statistics are a great way to see Wagerr’s advances, and there are more tracking tools now than ever before. Wagerr’s official block explorer provides valuable event detail as well as great summary data. If you’re looking for additional breakdown of volume patterns, the Wagerr community has developed excellent resources. We love what’s going on at Wagerr Watcher. Adjust the granular settings to view trends at any scale. Serious bettors are invited to join the Wagerr Sports Betting Syndicate Telegram channel. There you’ll find a steady stream of data about major betting action and trends, in addition to serious sports talk and tokenomics discussion.


As v5 expands Wagerr’s core utility and extends the ecosystem, Wagerr plans to release APIs that make it even easier for third parties to build. Stay tuned for further discussion of how Wagerr DAO could support business initiatives built on Wagerr.

Wagerr: The Private Betting Blockchain