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Wagerr 3.0 "Atlantic City" release

Wagerr 3.0 wallet "Atlantic City" release paves way for betting on the Premier League and beyond. Update before the fork and get ready to bet on the best.

Wagerr 3.0 "Atlantic City" release

Join us as we celebrate “America’s Playground” with the revolutionary new Wagerr wallet. Say hello to Wagerr 3.0: “Atlantic City!”

A bold new wallet has come to Wagerr, making the finest on-chain sports betting platform even better, with more sports, more events, and more action.

Here is everything Wagerr holders need to know as we push ahead into the next stage of Wagerr evolution. The hard fork is scheduled to occur on July 26, 2019.

New daemon; new Qt wallet
  • Effective immediately, Wagerr is releasing a new daemon and a new Qt wallet.
  • Download the 3.0 daemon and/or Qt wallet. These contain the core code known as "Atlantic City," and bring your WGR into a state of readiness for the fork.
  • Security first: Before you download the new wallet, save a copy of your current wallet.dat file in a secure, separate location to protect your assets.
  • Back it up: If you run a masternode, save your masternode.conf file for operational continuity.
Fork Day
  • The fork is scheduled to occur on July 26, 2019, around Noon UTC.
  • Masternodes running on the old wallet are incompatible with the new fork and will not generate valid rewards on the main chain. Update before the fork and issue a restart command from your Qt wallet to continue earning rewards.
  • If you’re using a third-party hosting service, follow their instructions on when to issue a restart command from your updated Qt wallet.
zWGR: Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em
  • If you hold any zWGR v2, spend it! You’ll need to spend from the Qt wallet because the Electron wallet will not support zWGR
  • zWGR becomes spendable on July 29th, around block 752900
Bet Premier League on Electron App
  • The Electron wallet will be released at the beginning of August once the chain is stable. Betting will then resume with additional sports, more leagues, and more events.
  • Betting will be fully operational for the Premier League. The first match is August 9th, but we’re targeting August 3rd or earlier.
  • Thanks to improved load times and faster search, you’ll be able to dive right into a universe of new options.

Get ready to fire up your new Electron wallet and enter sports gambling nirvana!

Stay tuned for more news. As the wallet rollout continues, Wagerr will be introducing new Team members.

The future of betting belongs on the blockchain.