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Wagerr Weekly: 09/15

Betting volume soars past 4.5 million. There are signs that volume is increasing independent of available betting events, a great sign of growth.

Wagerr Weekly: 09/15

Volume soars past 4.5 million WGR. Wagerr is 🔥🔥🔥!

The volume continues to grow

The amount of WGR getting churned through the blockchain on a weekly basis is staggering. The numbers keep going up! Last week volume doubled up to over 3.3 million. This week Wagerr betting topped 4.5 million WGR.

To give you an idea of the increasing usage, the bet volume doubling last week occurred at the same time the number of events triple (from 51 to 161). What's especially interesting about this week, though, is how much the volume grew despite only a modest increase in event quantity. Wagerr added only 26 events this week, but volume still soared. That means volume is growing faster than event numbers. At this rate, just think what will happen when even more events are added!

Congratulations to this week's big winners. This week three punters loaded up on the outsider F91 Dudelange at 15+ odds. Love those longshots!


This was the biggest week of betting since the release of Wagerr's Exlectron app. With MLB play-offs and the rugby world cup just around the corner, October's gonna be lit!

As shown above, there is a strong correlation between events and the volume of betting. Wagerr will be adding more leagues and more events to keep pushing up that volume.

Binance Dex application

This week Wagerr also submitted its Binance Dex application. If approved, this will be a great listing. Plus, the application itself is a thorough and articulate summary of what Wagerr is and where it is going. You can help Wagerr get listed by sharing the application around and letting people know why the should bet on Wagerr.