Wagerr added NFL betting this week! Bet volume rose to 1.6 million WGR. This week had the largest deflation since the Electron app release: 155k WGR destroyed.

NFL brings major volume

Week One of NFL brough 1.6 million WGR betting volume! You can expect volume to climb as the season rolls on.

Burn trend

This week saw the biggest burn yet: 155k WGR removed from the coin supply. The chart above shows the weekly mint/burn since the Electron app release. Over the last month, the chain burned net 110k WGR.

Guess & Win a Masternode!

The Guess and Win competition has resumed and the explorer is upgraded to accommodate Wagerr's expanding range of new markets.

New rules make it even easier to guess & win. Previously you had to guess the total WGR bet in a week within 100. Now the winning guess can be within 1000 WGR of the actual amount. Thanks to the Wagerr community for this suggestion!

Take two seconds, and fill out the form. This could be the easiest masternode you've ever won!

Lotto starts with one masternode jackpot!

Last week Wagerr won the draw, and that means that Wagerr will be seeding the pot with 28,000 WGR from the start for Week 6, and you can see below that we are stacked up for that:

So, now its your turn! The winning ticket is only 100 WGR!

This week's Lotto winner takes at least one masternode, maybe more!