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Wagerr comes to Android

Wagerr comes to Android

Wagerr mobile is in public beta! You can now have blockchain sports betting without boundaries in a beautiful handheld interface.

Wagerr is sports betting without limitations. When you bet with Wagerr, you don’t worry about geographical restrictions. You don’t need to provide personal and private information. You don’t have to put up with high fees that skew the odds in the house’s favor. You don’t have to worry about getting blocked when you’re on a hot streak.

And now you don't even need a computer.

Wagerr mobile for Android brings all the features of Wagerr desktop into the palm of your hand. Now your phone can be both your WGR wallet and your interface to get the best sports betting experience available anywhere.

Wagerr is 100% anonymous and offers unrestricted global access. Wagerr’s unlimited liquidity means that every bet is accepted. And more importantly, betting on the blockchain means that every bet is paid as a matter of protocol. Once the event ends, any winnings are automatically deposited in your Wagerr mobile app.

Click below to take part in the public beta and look for general release of Wagerr mobile soon.

Mobile betting belongs on the blockchain.