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Wagerr Developmental Updates

Wagerr Developmental Updates

It has been a whirlwind since the completion of the Wagerr crowdsale, the team has had their heads down churning away on development, this has led to a bit of a communications vacuum. Moving forward we expect regular communication and Monthly news updates to show progress and major news.

Developer Hiring
Wagerr has successfully hired 2 new capable developers, and is currently seeking a third. The qualified developers are talented in C++ and has previous blockchain experience, this should ensure we keep on target with our projected timeline, as well as planned feature implementation. These developers are currently on a probationary trial, we will introduce the new team members after the 90 day period has completed.

Developmental progress
On our internal private testnet we have tested a head to head blockchain bet, successfully embedding betting information into the transactions. Additionally, the Wagerr roadmap will be updated over the weekend with new features to be implemented for reaching our crowdsale stretch goals.

Whats next
We have been focused on finalizing the atomic pairing of Head to Head bets. This is critical for us to ensure that the chain does not process bets/transactions that do not have pairs. After we finalize that code we will be moving on to decentralizing the oracle network. The process for that includes us unifying the posting language and allowing the checkpoint blocks to determine consensus.

Mayweather vs Mac
The response on Mayweather vs McGregor has been tremendous. Nearly ¾ of a million wager have been put on the line, which means one thing….

Wagerr. Will. Be. Burned.

As it will be on the live chain, Wagerr will be burning the fees. Should the bet result in Wagerr.com carrying a loss, the team will cover it out of the funds allocated to compensate the original developers of Wagerr.


We are working on a partnership with a Bitcoin ATM company that would make wagerr integrated into every BTM they deploy, this would make it easier for normal users to get fiat in and out of the wagerr network.

Stay tuned for a future update