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Wagerr Lotto Promo Week 3

Monster week for Wagerr Lotto! Biggest draw yet. Over 1000 tickets purchased. Winner took over 3 WGR masternodes!

Wagerr Lotto Promo Week 3

What a monster week for the Lotto with the biggest draw yet. Over 1000 tickets purchased, resulting in a massive jackpot!

80,640 WGR prize for the Winner
That's over three masternodes worth!

The lucky draw wasn't the only winner! 2000 WGR were distributed to the Masternodes. And 18k WGR were burned, decreasing the overall coin supply.

What's cool about the Wagerr model is that when you win over three masternodes worth of WGR (all for the price of a single 100 WGR ticket), you not only get a taste of every bet payout but also your nodes benefit from every network burn. The Lotto could be the best 100 WGR you ever spend.

Wagerr brings the flavor

As part of an ongoing promotion, Wagerr cranked up the value by 578 tickets for last week's Lotto. You can see all the transactions below.

Another juicy jackpot!

In Week 4, Wagerr continues to match the tickets purchased by the community, up to 25,000 $WGR. Cross your fingers and toes and pray to the gambler gods. Oh! — and you gotta buy a ticket!

New to Lotto on Wagerr?

The Wagerr Weekly Lotto is the very first chain game on Wagerr. It was developed to be provably fair through an entropic and fully decentralised selection protocol that can be processed by any staking node on the network then validated by every other node on the network.

The winner is derived directly from the proof-of-stake hash of the block that pays out the lotto. This way, the lotto results are a part of the mechanism that secures the blockchain. The modulo of the number of entries over the proof-of-stake hash is used to determine the winner. The lucky Lotto participant gets 80% of the pot, with 18% burned and 2% going to the OMNs.

It's decentralized. It's fair. And it's fun!

Happy punting!