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Wagerr partners with Techpad

Wagerr partners with Techpad

Wagerr + Techpad

Wagerr announces a partnership with Techpad, a leading provider of distributed ledger (blockchain) technology solutions. Techpad pushes the boundaries by focusing on UI/UX development that changes the way people interact with blockchain technologies. After months of hard work between both Techpad and Wagerr, two products are now ready to launch.

  • Techpad will release the Betsmart app with Wagerr integration, and
  • Wagerr will release a major update to Wagerr Pro that integrates Betsmart analytics.


Betsmart.app aggregates sports data while also leveraging the transparent nature of a decentralized sportsbook. This provides users with a unique edge to make smarter betting decisions. Betsmart will make use of Wagerr’s recently developed API’s to create an enhanced betting knowledge base.

Betsmart.app gives comprehensive insight into betting activity by using the Wagerr blockchain to provide transparent information never publicly available from traditional bookies.

For information and discussion regarding Betsmart or Techpad join their new Telegram community.

Wagerr Pro

The developers have also been building powerful new features into Wagerr Pro, the mobile betting app, whose users now have access to advanced betting statistics. That's right, Wagerr Pro now includes full access to Techpad's Betsmart data and analytics.

Betsmart-powered insights provide a betting experience unmatched by any traditional provider.

Users will receive a breakdown of betting volume distribution, total bet distribution, odds history, and much more.

Wagerr founder, David Mah, commented on the collaboration:

Techpad has been a great partner. We've been impressed with the speed at which they bring ideas to fruition. The Betsmart app is a perfect example of what we are working towards with our affiliate program. We think in time third parties will be able to leverage the Wagerr blockchain’s liquidity without us even knowing. I look forward to bringing more partnerships to the Wagerr ecosystem.

The latest update will also include a built-in onramp to Wagerr powered by InstaSwap, making it incredibly easy for users to get WGR cryptocurrency.

Referral competition — Win WGR!

To celebrate the latest partnership and the launch of Betsmart-powered betting, Wagerr is running a competition with two-sided incentives for sharing the news and getting more people to test Wagerr.

Rewards for new users

When new users join Wagerr’s Twitter, Telegram, or Facebook community and share who referred them to the betting platform, they’ll receive 100 WGR to test out betting on the Wagerr platform. To earn an extra 50 WGR, have the new users include the #IBetWithWagerr hashtag and a picture of the Betsmart-powered stats on Twitter (like the screenshot above).

Incentives for top referrers

Win a Wagerr Masternode by being the best referrer! The user with the most mentions at the end of the referral period earns 25k WGR!! Second and third place each earn 1000 WGR.

Wagerr reserves the right to reject entries at its sole discretion to counter attempts to game the prize pool. Wagerr has allocated a fixed amount of funds for this promotion. When all the incentive funds are distributed, the count starts to determine who made the most referrals. Best of luck, champs!

Exciting things in the works

The releases announced today are just the tip of the iceberg. Betsmart has been cooking up another application in conjunction with the Wagerr blockchain that's expected to delight the betting world and excite the Wagerr community in particular.

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