The Wagerr Betting platform is celebrating its second year of operation. This is a significant milestone for any crypto protocol but particularly for one in an industry as competitive as gambling.

How has Wagerr thrived?

Wagerr brings to market a true innovation in betting. Unrestricted, anonymous, no-limit betting cannot be replicated with traditional technology and is why Wagerr has such a vibrant future. But before we look too far into the future lets take a step back and see what Wagerr has achieved over the last two years.

Out with the old in with the new!

At the end of Wagerr's first year the Electron wallet was released bringing with it a much slicker betting user interface and its ability to support many more events simultaneously. It certainly worked:  the number of betting events increased 435% in our second year.

The electron wallet is slicker, faster and more scalable.

More WGR More USD

The betting volume certainly responded in the second year where we saw an explosion of WGR betting come online. Year-over-year, WGR betting volume increased 210%!

Using the daily price of WGR, one can calculate the USD betting volume on the network. This increased 45% to 12.75 million, a great milestone considering Year 2 was a year in which sporting events were limited by Covid-19 restrictions, and a bear market period for crypto in general.

With more betting volume, Masternode holders earn more rewards, making for a more appealing proposition for users and crypto enthusiasts. This is the strength of the Wagerr product which provides real value and utility to its users. Something that many crypto projects have struggled to deliver.

New year resolutions!

A new year brings new possibilities. Our third year of operation is set to be Wagerr's biggest yet. From product developments to partnerships, Wagerr is gearing up for a massive expansion of the Wagerr platform......How about a sneak peek?

First, we're rebranding! The new Wagerr logo is simple and aligns with the simplicity of the Wagerr betting platform.

Second, we're introducing a web based betting platform, allowing users to get started on Wagerr immediately with very little friction. No syncing, no nodes, no problem.

The web based wallet will be open source allowing affiliates to rebrand the web wallet and utilize the Wagerr engine to power operations. Third party adoption will expand the Wagerr ecosystem while driving more volume to the Wagerr network.

Wagerr is revolutionizing the betting industry by introducing an incentive system that rewards all stakeholders who add value to the platform.

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