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V5: Next Gen Wagerr

The devs are not just tinkering under the hood. They’re replacing the whole damn engine. And what an engine it is. Dash-powered Wagerr v5 Core is fast, secure, and stable.

V5: Next Gen Wagerr

The next version of Wagerr Core integrates Dash, a powerful foundation for development, with immediate rollout of a remarkable feature set.

While the first part of 2022 focused on Oracle development, the next focuses on Wagerr Core. The devs are not just tinkering under the hood. They’re replacing the whole damn engine. And what an engine it is. The new Wagerr v5 Core, based on Dash technology, is fast, secure, and stable, partly due to its brilliant implementation of the masternode network.

Wagerr v5 has something for everyone, from the bettor to the crypto enthusiast. Here’s what to expect:


V5 will feature powerful on-chain governance giving stakeholders a voice. Masternode operators can vote on network protocols and superblocks to fund network promotion and development. The community gains the power, for example, to vote on adjusting masternode collateral requirements or generating funds to incentivize major partnerships with key exchanges and influencers.

Instant Odds Updates

V5 features Instant Send, which is an amazing tool for user transfers. But for Wagerr, Instant Send is used for something even more important: Instant Odds Updates. This masternode technology allows Wagerr to maintain current odds up to the moment. Accurate odds are essential for Wagerr’s business model because they correctly manage liability.

Live Betting

Instant Odds Updating is also a requirement for live betting. By adding live betting, Wagerr ramps up the entertainment value for sports fans, by creating multiple betting opportunities within events that players already have a stake in. The addition of more prop bets is great for Wagerr’s value because Wagerr’s betting volume has consistently been correlated with the number of bettable events.

Native NFTs

V5 also integrates ATP (Atomic Token Protocol), perhaps the most powerful, secure, and reliable native token system in the entire blockchain space. With ATP, Wagerr is ready to build an entire sport-themed NFT gaming ecosystem, including Footballr. Wagerr’s NFT games will attract users for year-round gaming opportunities. And tradable NFTs can give bettors and masternode operators unique rewards.

Betting features

Bettors will enjoy a slew of new features. Users can now place bets on an entire season up to one year out. Parlays can now include up to 9 legs. Bets can be placed as close as 5 minutes before an event’s start time. V5 also introduces field betting, opening up a range of prop bets and live bets and new sports types such as racing and other multi-contestant competitions. As NFT games come online, new year-round betting opportunities also open up. And now, users will receive automatic refunds for bets placed at zero odds.

V5 adds value

Dash-powered v5 delivers a whole new Wagerr that is more reliable, with better liability safeguards, and providing more fun for bettors. Improved betting opportunities attract and retain more players. More volume at correct odds is expected to correspond to more burn and more masternode rewards, making the value proposition for holding Wagerr even more attractive.