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Wagerr Weekly: 1/19

Wagerr Weekly: 1/19

🍎 Wagerr Pro comes to iOS
🌎 Wagerr any place, any time
🔥 3.1 million WGR removed from coin supply
🔥🔥 1.5% supply reduction in 3 weeks!

Introducing Wagerr Pro

Wagerr Pro (iOS) was released this week. iPhone owners can now join the Android community in using Wagerr as intended: global, unrestricted, and mobile.

This major milestone fulfills one of Wagerr’s goals: to give users access to the best platform, anywhere, any time, any device.

Wager Pro is simple to use and fast: new users can be fully synced in just 10-15 minutes. Initial feedback has been great.

The iOS and Android mobile apps expand the user base, opening up the benefits of Wagerr’s decentralized platform to a much broader, non-technical audience.

If you haven’t installed it yet, follow the link for step-by-step instructions:

Burning Down the House

It was another high volume betting week for Wagerr: almost 7 million WGR bet.

Over the last three weeks, Wagerr removed over 3.1 million WGR from the total coin supply!

To put that in perspective, that’s a 1.5% supply reduction in just 3 weeks! Imagine the implications if Wagerr were to sustain this rate. We're talkin' significant deflation.

101 lucky punters

100 lucky bets this week were selected to help celebrate the Wagerr chain reaching its one millionth block.

There were one hundred giveaways of 100 WGR each. Most of these prizes have been distributed, but not all, so keep you're eyes out for prizes. You might win yet!

One lucky bettor who placed a bet of at least 10,000 WGR was also randomly chosen to win a cool 10,000 WGR.

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate. Now let’s get ready for the next million blocks on Wagerr!

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