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Wagerr Weekly: 10/07

3 new records this week! Largest bet volume in a single week: 8.5 million WGR gambled! Biggest net burn in Wagerr history: 550k WGR destroyed. Largest weekly Masternode reward. Wagerr is crushing it.

Wagerr Weekly: 10/07

Three New Records!

  • 🏆 Biggest Bet Volume
  • 🏆 Largest Masternode Payouts
  • 🏆 Biggest Burn

Record Bet Volume

A staggering 8.5 million WGR gambled in one week! That's a 23% increase in volume over last week. And that's the most WGR bet in a single week.

Just to put this in context, that's over 4% of the entire coin supply bet in one week. At that rate, there would be a 100% turnover of the total coin supply in 25 days. That is, if the supply doesn't keep shrinking!

Bet size per event grew

What's even more amazing is that all this volume came with no Premier League games and fewer overall events. In fact, there was an increase of 84% more WGR bet per event over the previous week.

Average amount bet per event up 84% from last week.

What if Wagerr burned this much every week?

With the flurry of betting activity this week, there was net burn of over 550 thousand WGR. That's the largest burn to date. It represents eradication of 0.24% of the total supply. And that happened in just seven days!

To put that in context, if Wagerr sustained that weekly burn rate for a year, the WGR coin supply would shrink by 18% (37 million WGR burned) by October 2020.

Burning WGR coins concentrates the value of the Wagerr network over a smaller number of coins. This ensures that the value of the WGR coin is able to leverage the tremendous volume of usage on the Wagerr platform.

Betting trajectory

The betting volume of Wagerr has risen steeply since the release of the Electron app, keeping Wagerr on the path to sustained success.

Wagerr holders used the equivalent of $260k USD this week. One factor that makes this so exciting is that all Wagerr users currently run full nodes to access the network. Dedicated community members maintain full sync with the network. That's exciting because new lightweight solutions are just around the corner that will make it even easier to bet. Just think what will happen when Wagerr adds more ways to get on board that are even easier and don't require a full sync!

Wagerr's bet volume trend line shows a marked upward slope.

Binance Application update

Get mobile and spread the love

A world-class mobile betting experience has always been part of Wagerr's vision. That dream is now closer than ever to becoming a reality. The mobile app is currently being tested on Android and the feedback has been great. Soon mobile Wagerr will be ready for general release and the best sports betting platform will be available wherever and whenever you want.