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Wagerr Weekly: 10/14

New weekly record: Highest betting volume. New platform milestone: 10 million USD gambled. New markets are live: ⚽️Soccer totals and NBA. 🏀

Wagerr Weekly: 10/14
Another blockbuster week!
  • New weekly record: Highest betting volume
  • New platform milestone: 10 million USD gambled
  • New markets are live: Soccer totals and NBA

🏆 Record bet volume!

Wagerr broke its own record for volume this week. "Again? Didn't you say that last week?!?" Exactly!! It's hard not to sound like a broken record when the records keep breaking!

Bet volume growth accelerating

Check out the steep trend line on the Electron bet volume. Wagerr is not only surpassing the trend established by the Qt wallet, but is accelerating volume growth at a much faster pace.

USD bet amounts grow dramatically

As the bet volume broke new records this week, another story also emerges: people are not only betting more WGR, they're also betting much larger amounts in USD value. The amount of USD bet this week was a whopping 85% more than last week.

The average bet volume per event was over $2,000 this week.

10 million dollar milestone

With this combination of consistency and positive trend, Wagerr reached another impressive milestone: $10 million USD bet on the network!

Deep dive: Day by day

This week we pulled some more granular detail out of the explorer so you can see exactly how the punters went from day to day. The chart shows how much was bet each day of the week, with easy reference to the previous week.

The chart above shows WGR bet, while the chart below shows the USD value of those bets.

New markets live! Soccer and Basketball

⚽️ Wagerr users can now bet the over/under on game totals for soccer.

🏀 NBA events are now live.

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