Wagerr breaks another record!
πŸ† Biggest volume bet in a single week (WGR and USD value).
πŸ’² Stablecoin news! WGR/USDC trading pair live on Crex24.
πŸ’° Promo: Win 15,000 WGR!

Biggest week

Wagerr offered 261 events this week. Over 10.5 million WGR in bets were placed. The result is that Wagerr broke another record. The charts below show the highest volume ever in WGR and the highest volume ever in USD values.

Steady Daily Growth

Wagerr’s weekly records are getting broken week after week. To understand why, you can drill down to the daily data. Wagerr’s daily bet volume is consistently hitting more than $75k USD bet per day. What’s more, the daily volume often spikes dramatically above 75k. In 4 of the last 5 days, it hit $100k USD in daily volume!

Wagerr usage is growing rapidly.

Stable? Genius!

Getting WGR and managing your winnings just got a boost, because WGR is now paired with a stablecoin that’s traded pretty much everywhere. CREX24 now offers a USDC/WGR trading pair.

USD Coin (USDC) is an ERC-20 token that basically allows for transfer of dollars from anywhere to anywhere, without the need for bank intervention. Fees are often lower, transfer times faster, and routes are more direct.

Stay tuned for a β€œhow-to” on trading USDC and why it might be valuable for some Wagerr users.

Win 15,000 WGR!

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