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10% draw on escrow account from crowdfunding effort to expand Wagerr dev team

Wagerr has drawn 10% of funds from escrow accounts for two reasons:

  1. A portion of these funds cover operating expenses incurred over the last six months of development through the ICO.

  2. A portion of these funds enable Wagerr to make formal offers to hire the additional developers and staff we have been interviewing. Wagerr is increasing the developer team from two to five.

In the interest of continued transparency, here are the escrow addresses for the funds we raised:

LTC http://ltc.blockr.io/address/info/LczQMDpobkmkh3NSvfGcdMji8E5sRYECcp
ETH https://etherscan.io/address/0x4140d4E2e47Cebe7e3519aE2451Da046ec480d2f
ETC http://gastracker.io/addr/0xE30D0283DD1ea671480B99dc34a3AA8a58Fa5E74
DASH* https://explorer.dash.org/address/XpnDLNrnyKDVBtaQFGN5WUTMUX9GCNh5y1

*Please note that we have also transferred DASH holdings to a new escrow address where it will operate as a masternode.