Wagerr's token model bolsters the ability to offer the sharpest sports betting odds on any sportsbook.

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We're at it again with another "Two-Minute Alts," and right now we are taking a look at Wagerr coin (WGR). This project went live back in 2017. Let's dive in.

Taking a peek at the daily chart, we see the May crash taking a strong bite out of the price action driving Wagerr back down into the accumulation zone it was in at the beginning of the year. Will we see a pump to new all-time highs before 2022?

Jumping into the Wagerr explorer, we see a current total supply of just over 218 million and a total masternode count of nearly 3000.

Deflationary tokenomics

Year-to-date, over 213 million WGR have been bet through the platform and, through their unique tokenomics, has yielded a negative net supply change of nearly 403,000 WGR.

Over on twitter @Wagerrx has over 10000 followers and the latest tweets show a strong community of followers, but there simply wasn't enough Twitter metric data to warrant looking at talkwalker.

You can keep up with the latest developments promotions and partnerships over at news.wager.com. For some foundational articles you'll have to scroll all the way back to 2017. I highly recommend it as part of your research journey.

The Wagerr team has four public profiles to view on LinkedIn and that team is hard at work trying to bring an array of new features to the platform before year's end. You can check out their roadmap with future goals into 2022 in their GitBook.

Wagerr.com is where you can get started and the website itself is professionally designed with some light reading, infographics, and stats throughout with quick access links at the top and bottom.

Wagerr has developed a completely private no-limit sportsbook betting platform backed by open source Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain technology. Wagerr's unique leverage of blockchain tech allows them to offer private betting requiring no personal or identifying information to get started. The blockchain tech acts as the securing party to all bets, guaranteeing payouts. And because users are anonymous, you'll never need to worry about being restricted or suspended. If you happen to be clairvoyant, the Wagerr platform currency, WGR coin, is central to the network economy and the driving utility of the ecosystem. Any and all bets are required in Wagerr coin and payouts are minted for winning bets. To combat the inflation, Wager's house edge margin sees a 50% token burn favoring the probability of net deflation over time.

Be the House

Wagerr can also be earned passively via a staking wallet. Or, if you have at least 25,000 WGR, you can run a masternode of your own, earning block rewards and a share of the 2.4% net margin on all winning bets. A masternode setup guide is available right in their GiBook and staking or running a masternode effectively turns you into "The House."

Sharpest odds

Their token model bolsters Wagerr's ability to offer some of the sharpest betting odds you can find in any sportsbook offering.

Navigating the platform itself couldn't be easier. With multiple professional sports and esports options to choose from on the left hand side and a simple switch from single to parlay bets on the right. You have a few options to grab yourself some Wagerr coin: a few centralized exchanges offer it as a Bitcoin (BTC) or USDC stablecoin pair, or you can grab a Wrapped Wagerr coin for ETH or BNB off of Uniswap and PancakeSwap. You'll have to swap for unwrapped Wagerr coin at swap.Wagerr.com if you intend to use the platform or take advantage of the staking rewards.

You have a few wallet options for your Wagerr coin including their mobile app and again you can get further details on those within the Wagerr GitBook. A 34-page white paper is available for some light night reading the Wagerr Git is also available for anyone to take a deeper dive, and for anything else there's CoinGecko.

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