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4-Leg Parlay Promo +8%

To celebrate Wagerr’s win of the "Most Innovative Startup Award," you can boost your parlay payouts 8% all week. Predict all legs correctly on 4-leg parlays July 2-9 to win bonus WGR.

4-Leg Parlay Promo +8%

Wagerr has won the EGR Marketing & Innovation 2021 Award for “Most Innovative Startup!”

Celebrating innovation & parlays

Parlays, multi-leg bets, or "multis," are popular because they're fun, challenging, and potentially much more rewarding than single-leg bets. Place up to 5 legs on Wagerr and bet up to 5,000 WGR per parlay.

Parlays drive Wagerr tokenomics

Parlays are an important engine of Wagerr’s tokenomics, amplifying volume because they are popular, and fueling deflation because these high-reward bets are also lower probability. Over 6 million WGR have been bet on parlays on the Wagerr platform!

8% boost

This week, Wagerr is giving an additional 8% reward boost when winners hit all legs of a 4-leg bet. All legs of the parlay must be for events scheduled and completed on Friday, July 2nd through Friday, July 9th UTC. If any event outcome is not decisive (tie or draw), the bet will not be treated as a 4-leg parlay for the purposes of this promotion, and will not be eligible for the bonus. 5-leg parlays with only four winning legs will not be eligible for the bonus.

Win up to 25,000 WGR

The bonus payout is capped at 25k Just enough for a new masternode. Good luck!

NHL Finals, Wimbledon, Euro

There’s so much to bet on this week! Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Canadiens in the NHL Finals. Huge names in tennis at Wimbledon: Andy Murray. Denis Shapovalov. Federer. Djokovic. Tsitsipas. And everyone’s wondering if England will win the Euro Championship.

MMA: McGregor vs Poirier

Third fight in the trilogy. Dustin Poirier kicked the crap out of Conor McGregor last time. But McGregor won their first fight just as decisively. Tune in July 10th for an epic rematch. #JustBleed