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Wagerr Betting Report: December 6th

The punters can't get a break in the NFL but one big bettor did in the UFC! With almost 5 million WGR bet it was a great week for Masternodes.

Wagerr Betting Report: December 6th

A battle of mint and burn saw the chain finish slightly ahead this week. NFL punters cant seem to catch a break with another week of sizeable burns. It wasn't all doom and gloom though with what looks t be one larger bettor making a nice profit on Jake Collier in the UFC. Congratulations!

Overall, across 380 events there was almost 5 million WGR gambled. With Masternode holders pulling in over 32 WGR or 9.15% p.a. Not bad considering the supply of Wagerr has fallen .6% in the last 3 weeks alone!

See a summary of the weekly betting stats below! All data is available on our blockchain explorer!


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