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Volume crosses $1 million mark

Volume growth accelerates. More burn. More rewards. This is the way.

Volume crosses $1 million mark

It’s been another monster week of betting.

  • Largest betting volume ever
  • Accelerating mints and burns
Wagerr tokenomic data since inception, introduction of v4, and last 30 days.


This week Wagerr saw the largest USD betting volume to date: 1.2 million dollars!

In WGR terms, that betting volume translates to over 10.5 million WGR for the week.

Bigger burns. Bigger rewards.

With more betting comes more burn and more rewards.

This week the oracle payout was an impressive 50.62 WGR. That's an annual rate of 12.75%.

In just the past 105 days, Wagerr burned 3.14 million WGR. That's a 3.15% reduction in coin supply. In just over 3 months. Let that sink in.

High rewards coupled with a reduction in supply is sure to keep the Wagerr engine firing.

Record betting volume. Positive trendline.
WGR volume rose despite rising WGR prices, suggesting some bettors are pricing their bet size in WGR, not USD.