Wagerr's Electron Betting App broke another record with nearly 7 million WGR bet this week. That's nearly a quarter million USD! This was also Wagerr's 2nd biggest week ever. With the addition of MLB and hockey, Wagerr is poised to set a new all time high.

Volume is up, up, and away!

This week the blockchain cranked through over 6.7 million WGR. That is, once again, the largest volume since the release of the Electron app.

In addition to setting a record for betting on the Electron app, this week was also the second biggest betting week in Wagerr's entire history.

Punters bet roughly $250k USD!

The Electron Betting App consistently features more events than ever (blue bars). As the event count grows, there's also progressively higher volume, shown by the red trend line.

Baseball & Hockey

Wagerr is adding MLB Playoffs and hockey events, kicking off a whole new season of action. This could lead to the biggest betting week in Wagerr's history!

Get psyched for mobile betting!

Wagerr's mobile betting app is just about ready for beta testing. The mobile app is hands down the easiest way to bet on the blockchain. Instant sync makes it easy for new users to discover Wagerr and place sports bets on the fly.

Binance DEX

Wagerr's application for listing on the Binance DEX has gotten tons of attention — thousands of views, hundreds of upvotes, and scores of great comments. All this engagement helps Wagerr get noticed, improving the likelihood of listing WGR on the decentralized exchange. So please jump on the forum to vote and comment. The DEX will be a great way to invite even more users into the Wagerr ecosystem.

Have a great week, punters!