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Commercial onboarding begins!

Traditional sportsbooks are now leveraging Wagerr to balance their books, boosting Wagerr betting volume and driving Wagerr's deflationay tokenomics and reward system.

Commercial onboarding begins!
  • Traditional Sportsbooks are now partnering with Wagerr
  • Enterprise scale adoption is the fastest way to increase betting volume.
  • Betting volume is the engine that drives value to Wagerr.
  • Corporate sportsbooks leveraging Wagerr create a powerful multiplier effect.

Landmark achievement

Recently Wagerr reached an important milestone when the first bet was placed on Wagerr by a traditional sportsbook. This symbolizes the beginning of corporate adoption.

A Win-Win Partnership

The same properties that make Wagerr the best sportsbook for individual bettors also make Wagerr the perfect partner for traditional sportsbooks.

Wagerr has unlimited liquidity: you can always place a bet of any size, even if there’s no other bettor taking the opposite side of your bet.

Traditional sportsbooks don’t have that luxury. If their customers bet heavily on one side, the company may have to pay customers more than it took in. Excess payouts could wreck their business model! Wagerr is the solution.

How it works

Frequently, a corporate sportsbook has lopsided betting: most customers bet on the same side.

To manage payout liability, the company uses the Wagerr platform to place a bet in the opposite direction. By laying risk on Wagerr, they can reduce or eliminate their net liability and generate predictable revenue, smoothing out P&L month-over-month. This release valve makes it possible for traditional sportsbooks to accept bets—and customers—they might otherwise limit or turn away. Wagerr’s liquidity becomes their liquidity.

What makes this so great for Wagerr?

Increased betting on the Wagerr platform fuels the engine that drives value to the Wagerr network, the WGR coin, and token stakeholders.

  1. The more winning bets there are on Wagerr, the more fees are rewarded to masternodes. This makes owning a WGR masternode more attractive, increasing demand for masternode collateral (25,000 WGR), and increasing the number of active masternodes.
  2. The more losing bets there are on the platform, the more WGR gets “burned,” or permanently removed from the coin supply. This deflationary effect concentrates value over time to all coin holders.
  3. Anyone holding less than 25,000 WGR can still earn additional WGR by staking.

More volume always drives this combination of deflation and rewards, no matter the source. Adoption by individual bettors and sportsbooks of any size adds value to the Wagerr network.

But since sportsbooks typically represent thousands of users, they create a multiplier effect on Wagerr’s betting volume. An established sportsbook could rapidly increase Wagerr’s betting volume. At scale, widespread commercial adoption could trigger exponential growth.

Evolution or Revolution?

This new type of partnership is an important advance in Wagerr's evolution. But these partnerships also represent something much bigger: a revolution in the sportsbetting industry.

For the first time ever, traditional sportsbooks are using a decentralized betting platform to balance their books. This is a fundamental change in the way corporate sportsbooks will operate in the future.

Enterprise onboarding tools

Wagerr is expanding development to attract traditional sportsbooks and facilitate easy adoption. Stay tuned for an exciting roadmap update!