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Double Parlay Bonus

McGregor vs Poirier. Saturday, July 10th. 4-leg parlays including this MMA event enjoy 8% payout bonus. 5-leg parlays with this event win 10% payout boost. #JustBleed

Double Parlay Bonus

Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier

Third fight in the trilogy. Dustin Poirier kicked the crap out of Conor McGregor last time. But McGregor won their first fight just as decisively. Tune in July 10th for an epic rematch. Include this event in your 4- or 5-leg parlay to win bonus $WGR.

Got blood?

This Saturday is a big night in MMA.

  • Carlos "The Natural Born Killer" Condit is looking for one last victim in Max Griffin before he hangs it up.
  • Gilbert "Durinho" Burns looks to bounce back against title-hungry Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson.
  • The always-entertaining "Sugar" Sean O'Malley is set to dance with unknown quantity Kris Moutinho.
  • A pair of madmen sure to compete for fight of the night: Niko Price vs. Michel Pereira <-- don't blink. If you've never seen Pereira's mix of capoeira with parkour, check out this video.

Look at this bet: 96x

The winning bet above pulled in nearly 4k off of a 50 WGR stake. If they had bet the max, they'd be sitting on two new masternodes! Parlays or multi-leg bets (also called, “multis,” "accumulator bets,” or “accas”) are popular because they're fun, challenging, and potentially much more rewarding than single-leg bets. Place up to 5 "legs" or "folds" on Wagerr. Bet up to 5,000 WGR per parlay.

Parlays drive Wagerr tokenomics

Parlays are an important engine of Wagerr’s tokenomics, amplifying volume because they are popular, and fueling deflation because these high-reward bets are also lower probability. Over 6 million WGR have been bet on parlays on the Wagerr platform!

8-10% boost

This week, Wagerr is giving an additional 8% reward boost when winners hit all legs of a 4-leg bet, and a 10% boost when winners hit all 5 legs of a 5-leg parlay. One leg of the parlay must include the McGregor v. Poirier fight on Saturday, July 10th. If any event outcome of a parlay is not decisive (tie, draw, or refund), the parlay will not be eligible for this promotional bonus unless a tie or draw is specifically available as a bettable outcome, as in soccer. In the event of overlapping Wagerr promotions, each parlay is eligible for only one bonus. Wagerr will pay out the more favorable bonus.

NBA Finals, Wimbledon, Euro

Mix and match MMA with other events. NBA Finals tonight, July 7th. Wimbledon, the Euro Championship, Baseball, Rugby, and Australian Rules.

Promo Winners

Congratulations to the four Parlay Promo winners! Here's the transaction ID for the bonus payouts. Odds were boosted to 106.6, 15.7, 19.4, and 9.0.