Betting volume tripled.

The second week of betting on Wagerr's new Electron app tripled the first week's betting volume, with over 700k WGR bet across 35 events. The week ended with a net mint. Wagerr continues to add new leagues for betting. More action and more events is a healthy trend that you can expect will continue.

More leagues, more fun

Wagerr brought back UFC events and added the EFL Championship this week.

10% of volume went to UFC cards creating a significant burn. This burn was undone in the Atletico and Getafe LaLiga game, which minted 106k on 300k betting volume was placed on that event.

Systematic event selection

The chart below shows the correlation between the number of events and the amount of WGR bet. The pattern shows that a larger number of events typically corresponds with more $WGR being bet. This week's betting volume goes against the trend. One likely explanation is the change in the way Wagerr betting events now populate the application.

In the past, betting events in the old Qt wallet were selected based on popularity, so there was a natural relationship between each event and the betting volume. With the Electron app, Wagerr is gradually scaling up through more automated and systematic event selection. As a result, some events may not be as popular since the selections are less targeted.

The Electron app handles betting data more efficiently and makes event discovery easier. The long-term goal with Electron is to expand the total number of events from a broader range of global sports, attracting more users.

The black dot in the lower left (at 35 events) sits below the trendline, perhaps reflecting the new systematic approach to event selection.

How about some free Wagerr?

Wagerr is currently on a giveaway spree. Here's the recap.

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Free WGR Masternode giveaway!

The masternode giveaway continues.

In Week 2, 113 community members placed guesses. No winner yet. Most entrants significantly underestimated the growth in betting volume. The average response was 400k compared to the actual total of 701,275 WGR bet.

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The entry form is open until the 22nd of August 23:59pm UTC.

Good luck, punters!