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Wagerr Burn Report 8/19

Nearly 1.5 million WGR bet for a net burn in Week 3. Wagerr also crossed a major threshold: Over 100 million WGR gambled!

Wagerr Burn Report 8/19

Wagerr reaches another major milestone! In less than a year since releasing the betting platform, Wagerr has processed over 100 million WGR in bets. Thats more than half the supply turned over in betting!

Nearly 1.5 million WGR gambled this week.

Over 100 million WGR gambled!

This week Wagerr achieved an exciting milestone: 100 million WGR gambled. That's a turnover of 50% of the total coin supply in less than a year! Keep in mind that 30% of all $WGR is locked in Masternodes. Wagerr has powerful and popular utility, and a relatively small circulating supply.

Betting pace accelerates

Wagerr's betting volume has been on a steady uptrend from the start. The chart below shows that it takes less and less time for Wagerr users to bet another 25 milllion. With more betting opportunities being added and more discovery of Wagerr, the pace is expected to accelerate.

It took over 80 days to bet the first 25 million WGR. Since then, Wagerr users bet over 25 million every 50 days. The pace is picking up!

Net burn

There was a net burn of WGR this week. The chain took in nearly one and a half million WGR in bets this week — the largest since betting went live on the Electron app. Below you can see the breakdown of burn to mint, which saw the chain dominate in the Championship matches, creating a net burn of ~65k WGR over the week from sports betting. In addition to that, Wagerr Lotto burned another 18k WGR. Combined, that's a lot of value concentration for one week!

Betting resulted in a net burn for the week.

More ways to win.

Stung by the draw on the weekend? No worries! There are plenty of ways to win with Wagerr. A new chance to Guess & Win opens again this week.

Simply guess the amount of WGR bet over the course of the week and if you are right (within 100 WGR) you win a WGR Masternode!

Happy punting!