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Faster. Bigger. Better.

Wagerr introduces a major technical update that expands the number of leagues and events on the Sportsbook. More events attract more users. More betting means more burn, more rewards, and more demand for WGR.

Faster. Bigger. Better.

On January 11, Wagerr's latest technical update goes live, accelerating deflation and paving the way for decentralized oracles.

Major upgrades

Wagerr's new bet processing system is much faster, making it possible to update odds and event information in real time. Faster processing opens the door to offering more leagues and more events on the Sportsbook. Every time Wagerr has increased its capacity to offer more events, the volume has grown. More leagues attract new bettors. More betting volume means more WGR burned, more Oracle Masternode rewards, and more demand for WGR.

In short, this update drives Wagerr's core business model.

Transition day

In preparation for this upgrade, events that start after January 10 will not be posted until after the new processor goes live. Events will gradually become available for betting starting January 12.

Decentralized Oracles

The January update represents an important step forward for the Wagerr project. Wagerr has always envisioned a network of specialized masternodes that operate as Oracles, feeding betting data to the blockchain.

This update introduces the ability to harmonize and cross-validate data from multiple sources simultaneously. In the short term, the update improves stability, speed, and accuracy. In the long run, and more significantly, it brings decentralized oracles on the Wagerr Network one step closer to reality.

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