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Five ways to win with Wagerr

Wagerr is a win for sports bettors seeking an edge through lower fees. WGR holders can also earn rewards for network security through masternode and staking.

Five ways to win with Wagerr

Wagerr is a revolutionary decentralized sportsbook that brings trustless sports betting to the entire world. Using a decentralized blockchain to deliver secure, private, and safe sports betting on a global scale, Wagerr is elevating the sports betting industry. Using Wagerr is easy, fair, secure and at the fingertips of every user. The first Wagerr Mainnet betting event will be Canelo vs GGG 2 on Saturday, September 15th.

You know how they say, “The House always wins?” That’s because bookmakers bet on a sure thing: fees. Bettors win and lose, but steady fees provide a reliable income. We can all appreciate the thrill of betting, but if you like the sound of greater predictability, Wagerr invites you to Be the House.

Wagerr gives users lots of ways to enjoy an edge through gambling and hodling in the Wagerr ecosystem. Here are five of them.

1. Betting with the best odds

As a betting application, Wagerr offers some of the best odds in the world on major events. Let’s look at the decimal odds for Canelo vs GGG 2 as an example, using UK bookmakers, probably the region of the world with the greatest amount of options:


As you can see, Wagerr offers the best odds available. By betting with Wagerr winners take a bigger payout than if they were betting anywhere else. The 6% Direct-Chain fee means that on a coin flip 50/50 event the profit on a 100 WGR bet would be 94 WGR. This is significantly better than the industry standard 10% which would return a profit of only 91 WGR. The WGR advantage adds up over time, especially for serious bettors.

2. Earn with Oracles

Oracle Masternodes earn 40% of the Direct-Chain fee because Oracles provide consensus event data.

3. Earn with Masternodes

Even if you don’t run a full Oracle you can still earn great WGR rewards by operating a Standard Masternode, earning reliable payouts for helping to authenticate network transactions. The Wagerr network is secured by over 2,000 Masternodes. The standard Masternode reward is 2.85 WGR per block, earned via a queue system.

For the initial deployment of Direct-Chain betting, Trusted Nodes run by the Wagerr team will assume the role of Oracles, and all betting fees earned will be distributed to active Masternodes on a weekly basis. Yes, you heard that right! Running a standard Masternode will earn you a portion of the betting fees for that period!

4. Earn by Staking

Anyone with WGR can earn most by simply leaving your wallet online and automatically staking WGR. Unlike Masternodes, there is no minimum amount of WGR required to participate; the more WGR staked, the more you can proportionally earn. The standard staking reward is 0.95 WGR per block and is won via a lottery system.

5. HODL for the House Advantage

So you already know the first four ways you could win with Wagerr: Betting, Oracles, Masternodes, and Staking. Now for a fifth way to potentially win with Wagerr, “Just HODL!” Betting activity on the Wagerr network fuels supply destruction thanks to its “house advantage:” 50% of betting fees are burned. That’s right, half of all fees are permanently removed from the WGR supply. The monetary effects of this deflationary mechanism may be profound, driving the long term scarcity of WGR.

Everyone wins with Wagerr!

Wagerr offers:

  • Incredibly low fees and secure, unrestricted access for bettors.
  • Great opportunities to earn WGR with Oracle Masternodes.
  • Reliable WGR rewards for Standard Masternodes and Staking Wallets.
  • Disinflationary Protocol that benefits all WGR holders.

Lastly, because Wagerr’s functional utility drives a deflationary mechanism that can turn its basic disinflationary policy into outright deflation, this secondary driver of WGR’s scarcity adds one more great property to its Store of Value utility.

You don’t have to be a professional bettor, an investor, a trader, or even an Oracle Masternode operator for a high probability chance to win by obtaining and holding WGR.

Betting is better on the blockchain.

Be the house.