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Wagerr Affiliate Program

Wagerr unveils the world's first anonymous affiliate program, revolutionizing incentives for Wagerr adoption!

Wagerr Affiliate Program

Wagerr is pleased to unveil the Wagerr Affiliate Program. This innovative system creates a win-win scenario that rewards Wagerr users for increase Wagerr’s global reach. The affiliate system may be Wagerr's greatest marketing tool.

Built on Wagerr.com Sportsbook

The new Wagerr.com sportsbook is at the heart of the affiliate program. It's the key to a challenge Wagerr has faced: How do you track referrals on an anonymous blockchain?

Since the wagerr.com web app uses only a single address, every bet placed on that address can be attributed to the user you referred. The blockchain provides a transparent record of all bets while preserving anonymity. A world's first!

Wagerr rewards winners

Wagerr rewards winners. This practice stands in sharp contrast with mainstream affiliate programs. Corporate sportsbooks reward affiliates when the companies make a profit. The Wagerr program leverages Wagerr's tokenomics to create a game-changing affiliate program.

Dev fund shares rewards

The development fund earns 0.6% of the winning net margin. Now, when an a referral makes a bet and wins, 25% of that development fund fee gets sent to the affiliate. In other words, affiliates earn 0.15% of the net winning margin. For every winning bet of the users they refer. (See image below.)

The payout is all done on chain. It's anonymous, yet transparent. A Wagerr original.

Standing out

As a Wagerr Affiliate, you can earn 0.15% of the net profit margin, making Wagerr one of the most competitive affiliate programs around. Wagerr pays out on every winning bet, and the rewards can last a lifetime!

Beyond the huge potential for an income stream, paying out only on winning bets does something else. It encourages winners! Other affiliate programs incentivize losers by only paying out on profits, creating an unhealthy relationship between the bettor and the affiliate.

With Wagerr's simple design of paying out on winning bets, the incentive is to have better bettors. This goes against everything that the industry has been built around and is only possible because of the Wagerr blockchain that guarantees the payout of every bet. It's just another way in which Wagerr is truly revolutionary.

Over time we anticipate handicappers, tipsters, and even professional entities sharing their affiliate links and earning a continuous stream of rewards in return for their picks (assuming they win of course).

Wagerr isn’t just competing. Wagerr is changing the game!

Start earning today!

The affiliate program is already tracking! While the distribution of affiliate rewards is not quite ready, all betting volume is already tracked on chain and will be paid in whole. Get started today!

Simply click 'EARN' on the sportsbook to find your unique affiliate code. Start sharing and start earning!

Affiliate dashboard

Wagerr.com will be rolling out an affiliate dashboard where you can track all rewards and better serve your affiliates!


Wagerr's affiliate program is better than the rest

  • Others only let you earn if you refer losers.
  • They lock your rewards for a long time.
  • You can go into negative balance for referring winning players.

Wagerr Affiliate Program - The Takeaways

  • World's first Anonymous Affiliate Program.
  • Get paid every time your referral wins a bet (0.15% of the net winning margin).
  • Benefit from the built-in burn mechanism when they lose.
  • Spend your rewards immediately — no catches!

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