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Mainnet launch on track. Team expands.

When Wagerr released the Wagerr-Lite wallet in the last update, we also reported that the dev team had identified a security challenge. To address it, we brought in one of the top blockchain security consultants. Following the review, Wagerr has revised the roadmap to make the necessary changes in design.

The challenge

The main challenge facing developers is that the original architecture was designed to accommodate a much narrower vision and scope for Wagerr, with a focus on P2P contracts of real-world events. The overwhelming enthusiasm during the ICO, however, afforded us the opportunity to expand our vision. Thanks to the additional resources and user base, we broadened the project scope to include fantasy leagues, e-sports, and live in-game betting.

To achieve our new goals, the original prototypes for Wagerr must be discarded and replaced with more complex architecture. This change in design requires us to reboot development and make new hires, and we are currently in the process of onboarding two additional C++ blockchain developers.

The road ahead

Consequently, we anticipate a 3-6 month delay of some near-term targets. On the bright side, the team has reconceptualized the sequence of the roadmap, allowing us to achieve some components sooner than originally anticipated. Furthermore, we believe the overarching targets are still within reach.

One crucial and exciting component we intend to launch on schedule is the Wagerr mainnet. This means Wagerr holders will be able to operate Masternodes and earn Wagerr for staking coins as soon as the mainnet starts! However, betting and Oracle functions will not be available, but will instead remain sandboxed in a limited testnet, which will launch and run in parallel. Our target for mainnet+testnet is January 15.

"It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. We must dare to invent the future."
— Thomas Sankara

Expanding public relations

Wagerr is excited to announce it is seeking a Community Ambassador to develop and cultivate the Wagerr community and to build positive industry relationships. The position will foster a supportive and growing community, raise Wagerr’s profile across the media, cryptocurrency, and event forecasting industries, and promote Wagerr as it develops and grows.

As we scan the regulatory environment, it becomes even clearer to the Wagerr Team how important a decentralized solution for sports betting really is. Rumors about China's regulation of digital currency exchanges, for instance, cracked the price of Bitcoin in days.

Sports betting is one industry where government regulation always means a shift in the answer to the question of who is abusing the power. The Wagerr team is more committed than ever to delivering the secured trustless system that disrupts autocratic centralized abuses of power. Betting belongs on the blockchain for good reason.

Have fun and good luck!

The Wagerr Team