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Guess & Win 25,000 WGR

Wagerr is giving away a whole Masternode (25,000 $WGR!) to the Telegram user who guesses the amount of Wagerr bet for the week. The rules are simple:

Guess & Win  25,000 WGR

To celebrate a new era of betting on the Electron App, Wagerr is giving away a Masternode.

That’s right! 25,000 WGR goes to the Telegram user with the best guess for the amount of WGR bet for the week.

The rules are simple:

  • Join the Wagerr telegram group
  • Complete the entry form (click "Guess & Win" button below).
  • Enter your guess for the total amount of WGR bet for the week (excluding Lotto).
  • If you guess correctly (within 100 WGR), you win!
  • If there are multiple guesses within the 100 WGR of the actual total, the closest guess wins.
  • If no one guesses within 100 WGR, the prize rolls over to another week. Stay tuned for details.
  • You must complete the form with your guess before 23:59 on the 8th of August 2019 UTC.
  • Only one entry per Telegram handle per week.

For this first Guess & Win contest, the betting period is a little shorter than a full week. You will be guessing the total amount of Wagerr bet from the release of the Electron App until 23:59 on the 11th of August 2019 UTC.

Good luck!