Two champions are back in the ring at the ripe old age of 54 and 51! Whilst the fight has been played down to be about "Entertainment" over competition - do you really think that will stop these two?

Let's look at some of the fight rules

  • The fight is at heavyweight - no weight limit
  • Eight x two-minute rounds
  • Tyson and Jones won't be required to wear headgear
  • The fighters will wear 12 oz. gloves
  • The fight will be stopped if either man suffers a bad cut

The 8 round 'Frontline Battle' exhibition match is sure to get people buzzing over Thanksgiving. But this is no ordinary event and so we need to put our own rules in place to make sure you can win that sweet sweet WGR.

  • Firstly,  the event will be focused on the winner of the WBC "Frontline Battle Belt".
  • Please note that, to award the belt, special rules by WBC for this exhibition match will be used.
  • If the belt is not assigned within 3 days from the end of the match, all bets will be considered void.

Punters, start your engines!