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New wallet, New faces

Electron Wallet features more markets, sports, and events. New team members to be introduced as Wagerr gears up for a new phase of public facing development.

New wallet, New faces
Newsletter highlights
  • Electron Wallet features more markets, sports, and events
  • A new version of the betting system will be incorporated in the upcoming Wagerr 3.0 release that is under active development in the Testnet environment.
  • Wagerr gears up for a new phase of public facing development
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Preparing Electron Wallet for Mainnet

Amazing work has gone into the brand new Electron Wallet, and the community is enthusiastically providing valuable feedback on Testnet. It’s delightful to see such a positive response. Wagerr is really moving forward!

New Markets; More Volume

Bringing the Electron Wallet to the Main Network will be a game changer for Wagerr because it opens up so many new markets. Historically, every time Wagerr adds more sports and more events, we see more betting. We expect that trend to continue as Wagerr scales up.

Raising Wagerr’s profile

As Wagerr enters this new phase of product maturity, raising our profile is a priority. To that end, the PR team is gearing up to introduce more users around the world to the advantages of betting on the blockchain. As we shift gears toward increasing awareness, we begin with the introduction of new team members.

New Faces

Wagerr continues to attract a range of experts uniquely suited to each phase of growth as it evolves. We are pleased to be building new relationships with some of the most brilliant minds in the worlds of crypto and gambling. As we onboard a number of new team members, from high level advisors and business professionals to community managers, we will introduce them to the community.

Software development forges ahead

Meanwhile, Wagerr’s software development teams remain focused on delivering robust betting protocols, efficient blockchain and network design, and user-friendly interfaces. While we can’t share all of what’s in store, we’re more confident than ever that Wagerr is on course to become everything we imagined and so much more.

Fair odds. Fair fees.

One of Wagerr’s core tenets remains a betting system with fair odds and fair fees. Fair odds means a level playing field so that no particular strategy will consistently or reliably win. To ensure we reach this standard, there are three levels of ongoing review: a code inspection, an odds audit, and a systematic analysis of the entire betting process, from start to finish. The odds audit itself has two sub components: an internal check and an external audit. The conclusions of the external audit will be published before the Mainnet version is released.

A leap forward in usability

With the new wallet, Wagerr is poised to launch the biggest upgrade since on-chain betting was introduced on Mainnet. The user-friendly betting interface makes it much faster and easier to find events, place bets, and track your winnings. The new Wagerr is much more usable for newcomers and experienced users alike.

See for yourself!

The new betting engine is live on Testnet. Try it for yourself! The proof is
in the code. Join the Telegram Testnet community today