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Notice to Wagerr email subscribers

Notice to Wagerr email subscribers

Wagerr received a credible report that an ex-employee exported and downloaded a copy of a recent marketing email list. This list contained only email addresses.

Although export of this email list was unauthorized and not permitted by law, there is no risk to the rights or freedoms of any Wagerr users. Since the list is composed of people who opted into Wagerr marketing messages, the mere fact that one’s email shows up on this list does not imply ownership of WGR coin or use of Wagerr services. Nevertheless, due to the potential for abuse, we wanted to make subscribers aware of this incident.

The export of these addresses occurred while the individual was still an employee whose role required access to Wagerr marketing materials. Any access that former employees once had to Wagerr resources was immediately revoked upon termination of employment. To further protect subscribers (and the Wagerr project) going forward, additional security measures were implemented and existing security has been upgraded.

Wagerr's security response included:

  • Mandatory password reset
  • Network-wide security audit
  • Restricted information sharing

We regret that a former employee has taken action that necessitates this notice, but we are relieved that there has been no exposure of personal, financial, or identifying data beyond email addresses. This is due, in part, to Wagerr’s core design: Wagerr collects and maintains almost no personal or private information.

Since another party may now be in possession of that email list, all email communication will also be cross-posted to the official blog at news.wagerr.com.

Although Wagerr maintains exclusive control of the email address and the Mailchimp account linked with any emails you received in the past, you should always confirm that messages coming from that address are verified and signed by the same domain.