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Euro Final Parlay Promo

Win up to 10% more WGR on 4- and 5-leg parlays with Euro Final: Italy vs. England, or UFC: Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier. Get up to 25,000 extra WGR per parlay.

Euro Final Parlay Promo

Italy vs. England

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship Final is July 11th. Italy vs. England! Include this match in your 4- or 5-leg parlay to win bonus WGR.

10% payout bonus

Wagerr is giving a 10% boost when winners hit all 5 legs of a 5-leg parlay, and an additional 8% payout boost when winners hit all 4 legs of a 4-leg bet. One leg of the parlay must include either the McGregor v. Poirier fight on Saturday, July 10th or the Euro Final (Italy vs. England) on Sunday, July 11th.

If any event outcome of a parlay is not decisive (tie, draw, or refund), the parlay will not be eligible for this promotional bonus unless a tie or draw is specifically available as a bettable outcome, as in soccer. In the event of overlapping Wagerr promotions, each parlay is eligible for only one bonus. Wagerr will pay out the more favorable bonus.

Win up to 25,000 WGR

The bonus payout is capped at 25k — just enough for a new masternode. Place up to 5 legs. Bet up to 5,000 WGR per parlay. Good luck!