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Preview the new Wagerr

Join Wagerr open beta testnet to preview the new Wagerr. Play the provably fair lotto on the blockchain. Experience the new betting interface. Squash bugs. Have fun!

Preview the new Wagerr

New Lotto & Improved Sports Betting

In preparation for the Main Network release of the new Wagerr Betting App (the Wagerr Electron Wallet), the developers will release a TestNet version by Wednesday, May 29th. Test drive the next version of Wagerr and tell us what you think.

New! Wagerr Lotto

Wagerr Lottp on Chain Games tab

Wagerr has developed a lottery that runs and executes entirely on the blockchain. It’s provably fair which means it works according to publicly established rules. The code and results are transparent for anyone to audit.
Buy a ticket for 100 tWGR and score a chance to win 80% of the pot. The pot grows with every ticket bought.

Be the House

Of course, it wouldn’t be Wagerr if there weren’t a chance to be the House! Two features make Wagerr Lotto unique.

18% burn

The blockchain burns 18% of the tickets. Just think about what that does to the coin supply. The lottery places continuous downward pressure on the total supply. Another great reason to hold WGR.

2% to Masternodes

Masternodes earn 2% of the pot. As if it weren’t enough to collect a percentage of sports betting fees, the lottery adds more ways to win for operating a Masternode.

More events! More markets!

Betting tab: Wagerr Electron app

The feeds have been redesigned to allow for more events and markets to be posted. We’ve already seen that the amount of $WGR bet rises proportionally to the number of events and markets available.

Feel the burn

The more betting action, the more fees. The more fees, the more WGR burned and the more rewards for Masternodes.

Performance Upgrades

The new Wagerr has a ton of upgrades. You’ll notice immediate improvements:
Hundreds of simultaneous events

  • Fast loading app
  • User-friendly display
  • You can now quickly choose from loads of games and easily understand your potential winnings.

Some of the upgrades won’t be obvious to the casual user. The under-the-hood changes made now will make a big difference to Wagerr in the future:

  • Faster odds updating will keep Wagerr competitive with prevailing markets.
  • Less data on the blockchain.
    • 70% less data stored.
    • Faster sync, smaller footprint.
  • Lays the technical foundation for Head-to-Head Betting and feature-complete Oracles.

Thanks for testing!

Wagerr is an open source project. The community improves the experience of betting on the blockchain every step of the way. Thanks for your support!


Follow the guide for detailed instructions on how to set up your system to participate in the testnet.