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MMA bout shows Wagerr's edge

The recent Yan-Sterling fight saw the biggest payout in Wagerr’s history. The bigger story: no other sportsbook came close to Wagerr’s odds or liquidity. Best odds. Biggest payout.

MMA bout shows Wagerr's edge

When Aljamain Sterling defeated Petr Yan in a split decision, betting Twitter lit up with images of winning tickets and big payouts from corporate sportsbooks like Draft Kings, Stake, and MGM. These tweets reveal some stunning differences between Wagerr and the competition.

Biggest win

Wagerr’s great odds combined with unlimited liquidity resulted in a new record payout for Wagerr. One Wagerr bettor staked $30k, earning a whopping $180k payout, the biggest in Wagerr’s history. The winner took advantage of Wagerr’s routinely amazing odds — in this case, 5.98 on the money line — the best offered by any sportsbook we could find.

Better odds mean bigger returns

Compare Wagerr’s 5.98 odds with Draft Kings’ for the same match. Draft Kings offered a mere 4.2 money line. Had the DK winner bet on Wagerr, he would have netted 42% more! Other books had even weaker odds. MGM, for instance, offered 3.6. Had the MGM bettor used Wagerr, he would have enjoyed a shocking 67% upside for the same risk. Ouch!

Better odds mean a better risk-to-reward ratio. Wagerr winners win bigger. Bettors using traditional sportsbooks are leaving so much money on the table.

No limit betting

Not only are other sportsbooks posting weaker odds, they’re also limiting bettors to keep them from winning big. Twitter users complained that traditional sportsbooks were blocking them from placing bets larger than $10k on Sterling. At Wagerr, the sky’s the limit. There’s no such thing as “betting too much” or “winning too big.”

Friends don’t let friends get crappy odds

If someone you know is using a traditional sportsbook with lousy odds and arbitrary betting limits, make sure they get the help they need. Make sure they discover Wagerr. That’s what we call "responsible betting."

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