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Wrapped Wagerr on Uniswap

Wrapped Wagerr on Uniswap

Starting October 20th

Trade Wrapped Wager (WWGR) for WBTC, ETH, or USDT

  • No KYC
  • No verification
  • Global decentralized exchange
  • Provide liquidity to earn

What is Wrapped Wagerr?

Wrapped Wagerr ($WWGR) is a tokenized asset on the Ethereum blockchain that represents Wagerr (WGR) cryptocurrency at a 1:1 ratio. It's useful because users can easily move assets between the Ethereum blockchain and the Wagerr blockchain through UniSwap decentralized exchange. It's a big deal because Wagerr becomes much more tradable and discoverable, allowing new markets to discover WGR crypto and the Wagerr sports betting network.


Wrapped Wagerr ($WWGR) enjoys native integration with Uniswap decentralized exchange. No KYC. No verification. Trade Wrapped Wagerr for Wrapped Bitcoin, Ether, or Tether. Trading goes live at swap.wagerr.com on October 20th.

Earning opportunity

When traders place standing orders on UniSwap they earn for providing market liquidity. Just one more way to win with Wagerr! Swap your WGR for WWGR, make the market, and make some money.

Wrapped Wagerr Tokens on Ethereum:

Any exchange with ETH can add Wrapped Wagerr ($WWGR)

  • Higher visibility
  • Faster adoption
  • Global trading

Why it matters

Wagerr requires its own blockchain. With Wrapped Wagerr, we're borrowing the best of Ethereum to maximize Wagerr's value. Wrapped Wagerr leverages the universality, liquidity, and ease of ETH to enhance the Wagerr network.

ETH cryptocurrency is second only to Bitcoin in popularity and prestige. Now that Wrapped Wagerr is an ETH token, any exchange can easily add WWGR trading pairs.

Easy Discovery

The introduction of Wrapped Wagerr means massively expanded exposure for Wagerr. And when people discover Wagerr, they'll encounter both the powerful cryptocurrency and the best sports betting application in the world.

Secure. Private. Reliable.

Powered by blockchain.

Wagerr: The Private Betting Blockchain