Wagerr is pleased to announce the US Presidential Election will be supported on the Wagerr betting platform.

Wagerr will be the only sportsbook in the world to offer no limit betting on one of the most contentious presidential elections ever!

How will this one play out?

Well who knows! But it is sure as hell is going to be fun. It is expected that this election will see the highest voting turnout since 1908. And, so it should, 2020 has been a wild year for politics, between the pandemic, black lives matter, social media censorship and the 'fake news' outlets the scene is set for the most significant decision the USA has ever had to make about the future direction of its country.

In the Blue corner we have Joe Biden who has stayed cognitively stable in the last two debates to the surprise of many, gaining him a marginal lead according to the polls but if you follow trump you'd know not to read too much into that!

No doubt this will be the most controversial election to date and because of the many intricacies involved in the US elections there are rules that need to be presented for this market, see below:.

The Winner of the 2020 Presidential Election

1) The winner is the first candidate to reach 270 electoral votes

2) Electoral college results will be official from predictit.org and https://apnews.com/

3) If results are hung or disputed after 14 days of the event being open, Wagerr reserves the right to refund bets at that point.

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