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Wagerr 3.0 enters closed beta

Wagerr community members get first-hand experience with the next edition of Wagerr and give valuable feedback so developers can deliver the best product: an intuitive app that elegantly integrates sports betting with the Wagerr wallet

Wagerr 3.0 enters closed beta

It is with great pleasure that we announce expanded access to Wagerr 3.0 testnet. The closed beta testnet community now includes more than 50 valued members from the borader Wagerr community. These initial testers get the first touch and feel of the next edition of the Wagerr platform. In return, the developers get the benefit of fresh eyes and feedback from real users. Together, the community and developers make Wagerr even better.

All hands on deck

All possible resources are now dedicated to preparation and release of this latest iteration of the Wagerr product. In accordance with this decision all events other than the conclusion of the March Madness tournament will cease to populate the current mainnet wallets from Monday, April 1st. This will result in a more efficient test process and a better product on release

The private testnet group will pave the way for public testnet, and ultimately a mainnet fork date whereby the network will transition to Version 3.0 of the Wagerr platform.

Version 3.0 entails a complete overhaul of the betting protocol and frontend, and includes new many new features. This translates to huge improvements in usability, efficiency, and scalability—ensuring a solid and sustainable foundation for many years to come.

The Modern Wallet
Wagerr Electron Wallet: betting tab

The most advanced blockchain betting

Wagerr’s vision of an open and trustless, decentralized betting platform is fast becoming a reality. The most significant changes can be broken down into 4 categories:

  • Betting Transactions
  • Oracle Protocols
  • Electron Wallet
  • Chain Games

As always, join us on any of our social media channels for the latest news and the opening of the public test phase.

Massive betting adoption

Wagerr thanks everyone who has contributed to Wagerr's success. One particular measure of success stands out right now: 95 million WGR have been bet on the platform to date — nearly half the total supply! That is simply astounding.

Just wait 'til you see Version 3!