All users must update to resolve a sync issue. Wagerr 3.1.0 is available for Wagerr Qt Wallet, Electron App, Android Mobile Betting App, and daemon.

Auto-update your Android

If you’re running the mobile betting app, you’ll be alerted that an update is available. The app redirects you to the GitHub page, where you can download the .apk file under “assets.” Once you download the file, navigate to the download, then select and open it to launch the update.

Auto-update your Electron

If you’re running the Electron app, restart it and follow the prompts for update. When it restarts, you’ll be running the new software.

Update your Qt wallet

If you’re running the Qt wallet, stop your current instance, then download and install the new version.

Update your daemon

If you’re running the daemon, stop the daemon, and follow these instructions to upgrade.

Update your masternodes

If you’re running masternodes, you must update to continue receiving rewards. If you’re running remote masternodes, you’ll need to update both your Qt wallet and your daemon, then issue the start command.

If your nodes are hosted with allnodes, you’ll need to issue the start command from your Qt wallet.

If your nodes are fully hosted at ionomy, they have been automatically updated; no further action required. If your Wagerr masternodes are remotely hosted on ionomy, you’ll need to update your Qt, and issue the start command.

Oracle rewards

While the syncing issue was going on, no Oracle rewards were distributed on Friday, November 1st. On Friday November 8th, Oracle rewards will be distributed for both weeks (ending November 1st and 8th). This approach gives users plenty of time to upgrade their nodes and enjoy network rewards.

What happens if I don’t update?

Users must update to receive valid masternode rewards and stake rewards. Users must update to be able to place bets and see new events. Users must update to receive ongoing Oracle Rewards.

Security updates included

The new Wagerr update also includes core updates and improvements.