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Wagerr 4.0 "Reno"

Wagerr 4.0 "Reno"

"Reno" Wagerr 4.0 is live!

  • Parlays & Asian spreads!
  • Faster, more efficient, more stable
  • Mandatory upgrade requires full resync

Major Strides

20x faster wallet sync.
100x faster bet processing.

More responsive.
Users will experience noticeably snappier performance for betting, event lookup, and routine transactions.

More efficient.
Reno uses substantially less memory, running cooler and more efficiently.

More stable.
More reliable with solid uptime. Stay synced and always ready to bet!

More consistent.
Consistent block timing guarantees that bets are accepted on the blockchain quickly and reliably.

More powerful.
Event lead times can be four times as long, creating a much wider betting window.

Built for the future.
Developers can capitalize on Reno's powerful new event tracking and bet handling infrastructure, opening opportunities to build an expanding range of applications.

Get Ready

Mandatory upgrade requires resync

The new release requires a full resync. Whether you run the daemon, Qt, or Electron Betting App, you must resync.

Fork block

Hard fork occurs at block height 1501000, expected around January 7, 2021.


If you run masternodes, you must resync both local and remote nodes and then restart the masternodes from your local wallet (the one containing the collateral).

How to upgrade

Follow the instructions in the documentation link to upgrade masternodes to Wagerr 4.0.

Electron and mobile apps

The Wagerr Electron App prompts for an automatic update to Reno. Simply select, "Yes," and allow it to initialize and resync. If you've already updated to a pre-release beta, download Electron App 2.0 from Wagerr GitHub.

The mobile betting apps do not require resync. Watch for a new release closer to the fork. The app store versions (wallet only—no betting) will be updated at that time as well.

Reno is a major release with powerful features that advance the development of the Wagerr ecosystem.

Place Your Bets


After the fork, parlays will be available. Place multi-leg bets on Wagerr for exciting opportunities and extreme odds. Wagerr gives users new ways to test their powers of prediction.

Asian spreads

Asian spreads will be available after the fork. An Asian handicap is popular because it eliminates the outcome of a draw (frequent in soccer) by handicapping or head-starting a team by a fraction of a goal.

Welcome to Reno!

Wagerr is the unstoppable sportsbetting blockchain. Upgrade to Reno now for the best experience in blockchain betting.