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Wagerr Betting Report: November 15th

And DJ brings home the Jacket! This week saw over 5.5 million Wagerr bet across 235 events, with masternode holders earning ~9.3% in rewards.

Wagerr Betting Report: November 15th

The betting action cooled off from last week's controversial election betting that saw the biggest volume bet in one event. The number of events this week dropped to 235, which saw a slightly reduced 5.5 million WGR bet. This equated to ~175k USD bet with the chain only having a small mint.

The real winners this week were the masternode holders, pulling in 33 WGR at a rate of ~9.3% p.a. The masternode numbers continue to stand firm at 2900, locking 33% of the supply of WGR.

See a summary of the weekly betting stats below! All data is available on our blockchain explorer!

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