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Wagerr Betting Report: November 22nd

The wagerr platform ticked over $24 million bets since inception! It wasn't all celebrations though with the NFL and NCAAF causing some serious burn for punters.

Wagerr Betting Report: November 22nd

This week saw the Wagerr platform tick over $24 million in bets! But it seems the punters lucked out this week with almost 600k WGR burned. The Seahawks contributing heavily in their win over the cardinals.

There was just over $200k USD bet for the week with WGR volume nearing 7 million and remaining consistent over the last few months. Masternode holders this week also received 27 WGR for their services. A solid week overall with Reno release edging closer.

See a summary of the weekly betting stats below! All data is available on our blockchain explorer!

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