Wagerr betting volume doubled! Over 3.3 million WGR bet in one week. This week also set a new record for the most betting events available on Wagerr.

Records Records Records

Wagerr destroyed its totals from last week in much the same way that the Patriots destroyed Miami. The total amount of WGR bet this week was a staggering 3,340,041 — a new record! Thank you, College football!

Number of events (Red-LHS) & Betting volume (Black - RHS)

There were also a record number of events: 161 different events hosted across the Wagerr platform. That brought in a ton of action.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

All that volume made for a feisty week of gamboling, and the chain was looking at a potential burn of 250k. That was, until the Norwich City vs Manchester City Game, in which a few brave punters stacked 15k WGR on the home team at very outside odds. Norwich managed to hold on for the win. As with every other successful bet on the platform, the winners were paid without delay. Hey, and a nice little bit of cream on top for the masternode holders, right? So, even when the blockchain loses, Wagerr wins!

Lotto winner takes 40k!

Turning 100 WGR into over 40,000. How good does that sound? That's what the anonymous winner of Wagerr's August Lotto Matching promo did this week. Congratulations, whoever you are!

Guess what?

Think you can guess how much Wagerr will be bet in the upcoming week? Well, roll up, roll up! Don't miss your chance to win a masternode! Guess the amount, within 1000 WGR, and take home a Wagerr masternode.

There are so many ways to win on Wagerr: sports betting, lotto, masternodes, and always more promotions (details to follow). Until then, sit back, relax, and Gambol!