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Wagerr Docs is Live!

Wagerr Docs is the go-to community resource with how-to guides, FAQs, and comprehensive explanations about how Wagerr works.

Wagerr Docs is Live!

The A-Z of Wagerr

Wagerr Docs is an education portal covering every aspect of Wagerr. Compiled by the Wagerr team and Wagerr community, Wagerr Docs is the new go-to source for the Wagerr ecosystem.

Wondering how staking works? Head to the Docs. Introducing someone new to Wagerr? Send them the Docs. You’ll find answers and information about everything from placing a bet to running a Masternode.

Community Approach

Clear information and guidance are essential to ensuring that new users have a positive experience discovering and using Wagerr from the start. The current version of Wagerr Docs is informed by the community's needs and questions. In the future, Wagerr Docs will be driven directly by the community. Anyone will be able to contribute to improving the documentation, just as community members can contribute to improving the Wagerr Core by documenting issues, making feature requests, and proposing solutions.

Wagerr Docs will be hosted on a developer platform that is great for open source projects, so any user can enhance the information about Wagerr. If you think there is a better way to explain a concept, you'll be able to create your own version, share it, and get it updated. If you’re new to GitHub, no worries: Wagerr Docs will include an article on how to get started.

Ever evolving

Wagerr Docs is a living document, designed to grow with the community's needs. Users have already expressed interest in contributing the following

  • Technical Research
  • Quarterly/Annual Reports
  • Directory of partnerships and third-party applications

Got something you'd like to contribute? Add your voice!