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Wagerr ICO raises $10 mm. Are you in?

Wagerr ICO raises $10 mm. Are you in?

ICO enters Final Rounds! Exciting Demo Wallet now available.

If you bought the ICO early, congratulations!

Demo Wallet
If you loved the pitch, but wanted to see more evidence of the team’s work, now’s your chance. The html5 demo lets bettors and ICO participants experience the Wagerr system firsthand. And, the response has been incredible. Excitement surrounding Wagerr’s revolutionary sports betting blockchain and the wallet prototype has resulted in raising over $10 million! Don't wait until it’s too late — download now for Mac and Windows and see for yourself.

Guaranteed development
The more Wagerr raises in the ICO, the more features the team can commit to building into the Wagerr network. That means more value for token holders and more fun for everyone. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • Head to Head betting
  • Multi-user betting
  • Peerless betting
  • Fantasy betting
  • eSports betting
  • Live betting
  • Multi-coin and fiat <--> WGR

We recently completed Round 19. With the completion of Round 18, Wagerr now pledges to deliver a WGR exchange service directly in the wallet. Connect your favorite exchange API, and the wallet handles any conversions!

Golden tickets — 15,000 Wagerr each!
For the Final Round, Wagerr will draw 10 (ten) Golden Tickets per Round, each worth 15,000 WGR. That puts an Oracle Masternode a lot closer for most winners. All you need to do is make a purchase — earn 1 ticket for every 1000 WGR. Tickets are automatically posted in your account. Are you feeling lucky?

Are you in?